How much does a wine fridge cost?

You will find a wide range of price for the wine fridges Singapore just like any other refrigeration appliance. There is something that would suit any budget. While deciding about how much you should pay for a wine fridge Singapore you must make a guided decision based upon how expensive your collection of wine is. There is no point in paying around 3000 SGD for a wine coller if your wine collection costs less than 250 SGD. If you have a large collection and want more capacity then you can choose the high end wine cabinets too. But if you just want to store your supermarket purchase that you would consume fast then you can buy a cheaper one of around 200 SGD to serve wine at right temperature.

wine fridge Singapore

The price range of wine fridges starts from around 55 SGD for a fridge that has a single temperature zone, while the freestanding model has a capacity of eight bottles. The costlier ones can cost you around 3000 SGD or more if you are looking for a built-in model with triple temperature zone that has lots of features that can keep your wine at its best without altering its color or taste. There are numerous models that come in different sizes, set of features and capacities between these two extreme variants. If you are looking for a good set of features then you should consider buying wine fridges that cost you around 1500 SGD or more.